Post holiday

Post holiday

We are in the second month of the year 2024 and already a lot has happened. We are ramping up our social media content bringing in a set schedule including more video content. As I mentioned in the last blog we were bringing in Archies Footwear and now that we have received them instore. They have been met with great anticipation. A representative from Birkenstock Head Office is visiting our store, from what I hear this is the first time. So we must be doing something right. Less than a month before we receive our major intake of Birkenstocks so all your fav core colours are coming back, Arizona Mocca, Stone and much more. 

We have expanded the kids range and brought in another worker range of shoes from Scholl. 

We have soft launched our Rewards program which you will see in our online store. 

Phew...Keeping up so far?

A lot of this will be mentioned in my Wednesday Wrap up Vid so check that out on any of our socials when it comes out shortly. And if you haven't followed, subscribed, like you're welcome to do so. Then you can keep updated more frequently.

Anyways I will see you next month.

Bye for now.


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